Floating photovoltaic technology 

EDF Renewables entrusted teams from Omexom ENR Sud-Ouest with the construction of Lazer, France’s largest floating solar power plant, in the Hautes Alpes department.

The Lazer floating solar power plant in the Hautes Alpes department of France is the first of its kind to be deployed on the reservoir for a hydroelectric power plant. It will make possible large-scale synergies between the two renewable energy sources.  

EDF Renewables assigned construction of the plant to Omexom ENR Sud-Ouest. Omexom’s teams supplied a 2,500 sq. metre floating platform, the world’s largest-ever inflatable pontoon, to facilitate installation of the 50,000 solar panels on 80,000 floats. 

Commissioned in late 2022, the facility boasts production capacity of 20 MWp, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 12,500 people. 

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