Generating green electricity for 34,000 Bordeaux residents

At the end of 2021, the former Labarde waste storage facility in Bordeaux became Europe’s largest photovoltaic plant thanks to Omexom.

By participating in the project on behalf of JP Energie Environnement, VINCI Energies’ dedicated energy infrastructure brand has helped add value to the area by giving a degraded site a second life. 

Installed across a 62-hectare former waste storage area, the 140,000 solar panels with a total output of 60MW will generate 75GWh of electricity per year, enough to supply 34,000 residents. 

The facility will avoid 22,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, the equivalent of 300 million kilometres travelled by car. 

Key figures: 

  • 140000
    photovoltaic panels
  • 900
    km of cable unwound
  • 12000
    electrical connections

  • 270
    inverters to convert the current
  • 18
    interconnected HV substations to ensure distribution