How to deliver IT integration after an acquisition

A large pharmaceutical company appointed a specialist Axians team to integrate the information systems of a newly acquired company into its IT environment.

In the US, Axians teams recently helped a large pharma company to integrate an acquisition’s IT environment. The acquired environment did not meet the security levels set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or other regulations. Nor did it offer the resilience or performance levels required by the pharma firm’s environment.

Axians specialists and the client’s IT team therefore developed a multi-annual plan aimed at securely embedding all of the acquired company’s information systems into those of the pharmaceutical company.

The project involved integrating the acquired network, upgrading hardware and infrastructure, and transferring specialised applications. Under the project plan, Axians teams were responsible for managing and overseeing the first transition day. This involved ensuring that the acquired company continued to have access to the IT functionalities needed to keep functioning smoothly while its IT operations were transferred to the parent company.

As part of the transition plan, Axians teams also performed security audits and tests to ensure that the company’s IT environment was not compromised during implementation of the project.