Increase productivity with the 3D bin picking app

Actemium India Manufacturing & Robotics designed and developed a 3D bin picking application solution that helps drive the automotive & pharmaceutical industry.

This solution is a vision-based bin picking Robot system, a new technology that improves the efficiency of the existing material handling system. There are several challenges of the standard solution, one being the reading component pattern, if the thickness of the component is less than 8-10mm it won’t be recognized. Additionally, the process and scanning time takes around 8 minutes per component depending on the complexity during mass production.

Hence, Actemium developed the application based on Artificial Intelligence and mathematical algorithms that overcome all these issues. Now, the process and scanning time for each component takes less than 1 second and chances of failure are very slim.

In all, this helps the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to increase productivity and it is the most cost-effective solution compared to other standard 3D bin picking devices.