Installing a unique video wall for L’Oréal

L'Oréal wanted the best possible digital display solution for the lobby of its head office in Clichy, just outside Paris.

Renovation of the L’Oréal head office, located where the Monsavon plant once was, has got underway with the ‘Espace’ project, with 1,000 Group employees working on it throughout the year.

As part of this modernisation project, Axians installed an 18 m long video wall in the new lobby. The wall had to meet several criteria – offer ultra HD resolution, smooth video playback of up to 50 frames per second, an appropriate level of brightness for the environment and optimum colour calibration. Axians was tasked with designing, integrating and implementing this unique project.

Today, the video wall can display multiple still or moving images or a single image that spans the entire screen. The size and quality of the display make it strikingly effective and its resolution guarantees an exceptionally high-quality picture, even close up.

However, the project did not stop there – it also included a distinctive digital clock, which uses the same display technology as the main video wall.