New T2 line inaugurated in Nîmes

Nîmes Métropole urban area authority has confirmed its confidence in several local VINCI Energies teams, which have won packages for the T2 project’s communications installations and street lighting - traffic light systems as part of a consortium.

The extension of the Nîmes T2 Diagonal line, designed for a bus rapid transit (BRT) system which typically offers a very high level of service, is part of an urban regeneration plan for the city of Nîmes. 

At 24m-long, the new bus will accommodate more passengers, crossing the city from east to west over an 11.5km-route. 

Several VINCI Energies business units are involved in the project. 

Citeos in Nîmes was part of a consortium that won the street lighting and traffic light system package, including 1,000 new high-end, remotely managed all-LED lighting units intended to reduce energy consumption, as well as 38 traffic light-controlled junctions and 36km of trenches. A consortium comprising VINCI Energies business units was also appointed by Nîmes Métropole to create an avenue for the new Manduel station where numerous mixed use zones and a theme park are due to be set up. 

The communications installations package, won by Roiret Transport, Citeos in Nîmes and Axians in Nîmes, includes the design, installation and commissioning of central management systems, CCTV, public address, intercom and access control systems, cabinets for workstations and retractable bollards. The consortium had already demonstrated its expertise in these areas between 2016 and 2017 as part of the works on Nîmes urban area authority’s T1 line.  

VINCI Energies business units are thus contributing through these services to a project that aims to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.