Northvolt Ett, a factory dedicated to producing greener batteries

Several VINCI Energies business units have been involved in the project to build Northvolt Ett, a factory in Sweden that aims to produce efficient and sustainable electric batteries.

The purpose of the Northvolt Ett factory is to produce efficient and sustainable batteries to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and phase out oil consumption. Located near the Swedish city of Skellefteå, this facility built using the most innovative technologies in Europe spans over 500,000 m2

The factory will produce the most eco-friendly batteries in the world, generating minimal carbon emissions and pursuing ambitious recycling targets. Northvolt Ett will be powered by green (hydroelectric and wind) energy sources only. What’s more, even though Northvolt Ett boasts high levels of automation, around 3,000 people are expected to be employed at the factory.

Several VINCI Energies business units – Actemium, Emil Lundgren, INAC Process and Eitech – have been involved in the project to build the factory. Together, they have delivered and installed power distribution systems, as well as security and alarm systems (including fire protection, CCTV, access control and theft prevention equipment). Eitech has also worked closely with Northvolt to design, build and commission all of the factory’s electrotechnical systems.

We are really proud to be contributing to this new wave of green industrialisation in the Norrland region. Helping to build such a large and important sustainable factory has been a very rewarding experience for Eitech. The city of Skellefteå has gained an eco-conscious and industrially innovative stakeholder and employer, and our teams at Eitech have benefitted from taking part in a major project.

Tomas Lindsbro Eitech BU manager

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