PSV Eindhoven going digital

Dutch football club PSV Eindhoven chose Axians’ secure cloud architecture to host all its applications.

A workspace accessible anytime, anywhere

Axians Eindhoven has been working with PSV Eindhoven – one of the biggest clubs in the Dutch football league – since 2013. The company implemented cloud solutions for the 250 people employed by the club, with advantages ranging from high availability and virtualisation to security, scalability and ease of operation for PSV Eindhoven’s IT teams. As well as installing the architecture, Axians Eindhoven will be managing the solution throughout the contract.

“Axians helping us to move to the cloud five years ago was a major step in the right direction for us,” said Roy Smits, ICT manager at PSV. “At the time, PSV was one of the first Dutch clubs to enable its employees to work securely on business processes all over the world. We chose to develop a ‘workspace accessible anytime, anywhere’, that’s just as easy to use as electricity or running water. Our employees just need it to work, no matter what device they are on. Furthermore, a company like Axians does a far better job of safeguarding data security than we would on our own.

Analysing data for PSV and…fans

The club has embraced the cloud to develop new systems. “Some of our departments use certain apps – like CRM software for marketing, ticketing, BI, sales, as well as data and tools to analyse players and matches which are essential. All of these apps are vital for us.”

Since the 2017/18 season, Axians Netherlands has also been letting fans and players see the benefits of the partnership for themselves. Player data gathered during PSV matches is saved and stored on Axians’ servers and made available to fans. It comes up on the LED display in real time during the match and is explained in detail on the club’s various communication channels after the match.