Upgraded cooling system at a hospital complex in French Polynesia

VINCI Facilities Polynésie has won the five-year multi-technical maintenance contract for the hospital complex in French Polynesia.

Built in the 2000s and completed in 2012, the hospital complex in Pirae replaced the old Mamao hospital from the 1960s.

The contract won by VINCI Facilities Polynésie covers technical management, climate engineering, high and low currents, electromechanical equipment, plumbing, fire protection and safety, specific equipment, access routes, miscellaneous networks as well as shell and core.

The company was also chosen in 2019 to replace a 1,500 kW cooling unit, which is expected to cut electricity consumption by more than 10%. In addition, the Energy Ministry in French Polynesia selected Cegelec Polynésie Building Solutions to carry out the process works package (chilled water production) of the hospital’s Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) system, which uses sea water as a cold source for the climate control systems. As part of the efforts of the government in French Polynesia to bring about the energy transition by 2030, the SWAC system installed in the hospital complex will reduce its annual electricity costs by a little over a third, i.e. €2.93 million.

Thibaud Giraud, Director at VINCI Facilities Polynésie, said, “we work with the Taaone hospital, where we provide a number of services; we look after the building, the occupants and the environment. In French Polynesia, we specialise in multi-technical maintenance, working on climate control, lighting, electricity and industrial heating, as well as IT and telecoms in collaboration with Axians.