Design Engineer

At VINCI Energies, you will work as part of a single or multidisciplinary team headed by the Engineering Manager to make an active contribution to the project design phase and to ensure smooth implementation of technical operations during the execution phase.

Discover the career of a design engineer

Since the video was done, Najat Saouf was appointed Development Manager of VINCI Energies in Morocco.

Your responsibilities

  • Contribute to the design phase, ensuring that the right technical choices are made (for certain projects, this includes cost estimating)
  • Ensure technical coordination of supplier and subcontractor tendering
  • Propose alternative solutions that enhance the competitiveness of bids
  • Draw up and optimise the design studies budget
  • Define and coordinate construction surveys drawn up in-house or outsourced
  • Interface with the execution teams on the worksite and with their technical expert
  • Organise quality monitoring during construction and handover

Your profile

University (technical studies), Engineering school (electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, instrumentation and automation).

Your skills

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Discipline and organisation
  • Analytical skills and ability to synthesise information


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