A partnership between WiN France and VINCI Energies’ Nuclear Division

Through this partnership, WiN France is coaching women in VINCI Energies’ Nuclear Division who want to apply for a Fem’Energia award. As a result, Abir won third prize in the Femme Active category in 2020 and Charlotte won the jury’s choice award in the Alternante Bac+5 category for women on work-study programmes in their 5th year of higher education.

On 5 February 2021, Marie Taverne, Head of HR at VINCI Energies’ Nuclear Division, and Aline des Cloizeaux, Chairwoman of WiN France, signed a partnership to “Encourage women in VINCI Energies’ Nuclear Division to attract the spotlight to their individual or collective career path by taking part in the Fem’Energia awards” and “Support the construction of an in-house network of women”.

This partnership is also an opportunity to encourage women in VINCI Energies’ Nuclear Division to work with WiN France members to promote careers and trades in the nuclear sector and contribute to building diversity in nuclear fields, for instance by taking part in student fairs or conferences organised by WiN France. Over time, this will also enable these women to set up a network within the company.

The implementation of this agreement has been entrusted to Hafsa El Mahi, an HR project manager at VINCI Energies’ Nuclear Division, and Laurence Grammosenis, who chairs WiN RAL.

VINCI Energies’ Nuclear Division brings together 2,000 people in 30 companies (including Cegelec, Actemium, Omexon and Tunzini) specialising in electricity, instrumentation and control, non-destructive testing and cycle installation. The Division has bases in the Rhône Valley, near nuclear power plants and in Belgium. Women account for about 15% of its workforce and their representation in technical trades remains low.