A partnership to preserve Art Nouveau heritage

VINCI Energies Belgium is supporting the preservation of local Art Nouveau heritage, including the Maison Hannon.

In Belgium, VINCI Energies and the Maison Hannon recently signed a partnership to restore the museum and reopen it to the public in spring 2023 as part of the Brussels Year of Art Nouveau. This partnership includes financial assistance from VINCI Energies.

About the Maison Hannon

Built in 1902 by architect Jules Brunfaut as a town house for Édouard Hannon, the Maison Hannon is a key part of Art Nouveau heritage in Brussels, waiting to be made accessible to the public. The building was designed as a complete work of art: its frescoes echo the mosaics, the chandeliers match the windows, the furniture complements the rich textiles – all the way down to the teaspoons. The interior design was entrusted to the great French designer Émile Gallé, who designed all the lighting and furnishings at his workshops in Nancy, France.​​​​​​​

Today, the Hôtel Hannon belongs to the Municipality of Saint Gilles. The municipality and museum teams are restoring and enhancing this masterpiece with a focus on authenticity. The dining-room and bedroom furniture currently adorn the collections of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and the Musée de l’École de Nancy, but most of the pieces that Émile Gallé and Louis Majorelle designed for the town house are still in the possession of Édouard Hannon’s descendants. Designed by a Belgian in the French style, the Hôtel Hannon represents a meeting point between Belgium and France