“Contributing to socially important investment for the electric systems of the future.” 

This year, E.ON Energidistribution AB has entrusted Omexom with three new projects which will deliver reliable electricity distribution to northern regions of Sweden while also supporting the energy transition.

“We are proud that E.ON continues to put its trust in us and wants to build on the good cooperation that exists between us. It shows clear appreciation of our technical solutions in previous projects. And it also demonstrates that our local, national and global expertise in electricity is very competitive and enjoys a good reputation in the market,” says Roland Karlsson, Omexom operations manager at Sundsvall. 

The three new projects awarded by E.ON have different voltage levels as well as technical scopes and requirements in the substations: 

  • upgrade of existing 130kV substation outside Sollefteå; 
  • building a new 40kV substation outside Sundsvall; 
  • building a new 130kV substation outside Härnösand. 

“Being able to contribute to important investment for the electric systems of the future is very rewarding and motivating for us as well as for all our employees and partners,” state Patrik Sjödin and Thomas Bergman, project managers at Omexom.