Nuclear sector renewal in France

VINCI Energies is supporting major players in the nuclear industry with its operational efficiency plan to transform the sector: AVENIR.

Nuclear is experiencing a surge in popularity in several countries, due to its potential role in energy transition. But this sector has a complex background in France, with ageing nuclear infrastructure, difficulty in launching new projects with limited budgets and timescales, and a loss of skills. To meet these challenges and re-energise the sector, major players like EDF, ORANO and the CEA (Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) have launched transformation plans with the aim of strengthening their safety and performance cultures. 

For example, EDF introduced its Excell plan with the aim of restoring excellence to its construction projects, maintenance and operations.  

To contribute to this renewal and support its customer EDF, the nuclear division of VINCI Energies launched the AVENIR plan in May 2021. This is a project to transform the division that will run until 2023 in response to the various plans launched by major industry players.  

AVENIR aims to achieve operational efficiency and “get it right first time”. The project focuses on four main areas:  

  • Skills & training – training teams in skills used in other industries  
  • Supply Chain – bringing the purchasing quality function to life 
  • Operational quality – measuring and reducing quality problems by systematically analysing failures, and implementing efficient methods and management tools 
  • Nuclear safety and ISO 19443 standard – taking action on HR (integration, recruitment, etc.), nuclear safety culture, ISO certification and process digitalisation 

To find out more about the AVENIR plan, meet the VINCI Energies Nuclear team in our video: