Omexom teams mobilized on a landslide in Norway

The clay landslide at Ask in Gjerdrum has moved an entire nation, crews from Omexom make an invaluable effort

During the transition from 2020 to 2021 small community north of Oslo, Gjerdrum, was hit by a clay avalanche. The whole nation has followed the rescue operation. Police, fire department and military efforts are of course in focus, but also a lot of volunteers and other companies has worked 24/7 to help, among those fitters from Omexom.​​​​​​​

“Thoughts go first and foremost to the Gjerdrum community, and those who have lost one of their loved ones, everything they own and have or are otherwise affected by the great clay avalanche. An enormous effort has been made under extremely extreme conditions. Police, fire, military, civil defense, special crews from Sweden, helicopter squadron, NVE, experts on landslides and ground conditions, local and central authorities are just some of those who have been working around the clock. And in the midst of this, crews from Omexom have also made an invaluable and significant effort – under completely, in every way, extremely demanding conditions. Day after day, Omexom employees have contributed to the enormous relief operation, right from the start-up phase when employees from BU Distribution Grid South / East were flown in by police helicopter in the area to disconnect from a high-voltage line. At the same time as BU Critical Power was in place among the first contributors with unit and emergency power. You have made invaluable contributions to the local community in Gjerdrum, and shown a willingness to stand up and professionalism that is incredibly respected, regardless of whether it is regular working day or holiday. The effort at Gjerdrum is actually Omexom as a company in summary; a burning commitment to critical infrastructure and a heart for our fellow human beings.” says CEO Mats Olsson.