VINCI NL Foundation – supporting cancer patients in the Netherlands

The Fondation VINCI in the Netherlands is supporting IntermeZZo with the creation of a “living with cancer” podcast.

IntermeZZo is a monitoring centre for people with cancer and their families and friends. The centre offers a wealth of information sessions about the consequences of cancer in everyday life, relaxation and well-being activities, and workshops on makeup, beauty, reflexology, writing, singing, and more. It also supports children whose parents have cancer.

IntermeZZo is always looking for new services to offer its clients, especially ones that connect them with their families and friends. With the support of the Fondation VINCI, the charity wants to create a “living with cancer” podcast. Its teams have been trained in podcasting techniques and given new recording equipment.

Talking to other people with cancer gives you a chance to discuss your problems.

Heidy Domine Sponsor of the project and financial administrator for Omexom Netherlands

 “Talking to other people with cancer gives you a chance to discuss your problems”, says Heidy Domine, the project’s sponsor and a financial administrator for Omexom Netherlands.“When I heard about their idea of using podcasts to help more people, I immediately thought of the Fondation VINCI.It’s great that this project is getting support.”

VINCI business units in the Netherlands have joined forces to form the VINCI Foundation NL in order to combat any form of exclusion together with their employees and thus to give everyone in our society their own place, role and dignity. The VINCI Foundation NL wants to do this by supporting, with human and financial resources, organisations which pursue a social and societal goal.