What daily life is like for Laura, project manager at Citeos

Laura has discovered a “comprehensive, practical profession that combines dynamism and challenges.”

With a degree in general engineering from the ICAM engineering school in Toulouse, Laura Dintilhac completed her internship at I2R Ingénierie in Tours where she took on the role of assistant project manager. The experience not only helped her to gain a clear vision but also to work out that this was the profession she wanted to pursue.  


A comprehensive, multi-faceted job…  

Laura has been a project manager at Citeos Toulouse since 2019. “If I had to define the role of project manager, I would use the word ‘comprehensive’ as on a daily basis it can cover production management, team management, financial management, health and safety, technical management, the client/supplier relationship, tender submissions, involvement in the development and running of an SME-type business, hiring interns and people on work/study contracts, attending performance reviews and many other things!” she explains. “What I find exciting about the job is that no two days are ever the same: every day I carry out specific actions and I can see how they progress over time.” 


In order to deliver her projects, Laura works with her business unit manager to help fine-tune strategy, validate costings and tenders, and asks technical, managerial and safety-related questions. She interacts with several partners including the design office and project engineer, site apprentices and teams, and clients and suppliers. 

In keeping with VINCI Energies commitments, she provides her clients with solutions that meet environmental requirements, such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 


…within VINCI Energies  

After being hired, Laura undertook several training courses like the 1-year VINCI Energies incubator programme, which gives young managers all the tools they need for project management, management, health and safety, etc. She is also part of the “Hub au Féminin” women’s network which brings together all the female operational managers at VINCI Energies in the Occitania region in southern France.  

To play her part in VINCI Energies corporate support initiatives (Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque and other local initiatives), Laura attended a one-day experience-sharing session with Toulouse Métropole Emploi, a local job centre, in order to promote the construction and engineering sector among women looking to retrain.