All In One towers boast a lower carbon footprint than traditional telecommunications infrastructure 

Axians Services Infrastructure Solutions designed a free-standing tower called the All In One (AIO) to accommodate surges in demand for telecoms services – during the summer or one-off events, for instance – and provide a less administratively cumbersome alternative to building a traditional tower.

Since 2017, the VINCI Energies ICT brand Axians has been at the forefront of technical innovation with its turnkey AIO range, providing clients with quick, straightforward and proactive solutions for urgent deployments of telecoms infrastructure. AIO towers are temporary, free-standing mobile phone structures that can range in height from 12 to 25 metres, be installed in a very short space of time and accommodate all operators. They can be used to expand mobile network coverage – for instance, when people flock to coastal areas during the summer or existing infrastructure is damaged by a natural disaster.  

The exact same AIO tower can be reused multiple times. It is a low-carbon solution, as it requires minimal natural resources (such as water), is easy to transport and can be reused. 

Eco-friendly free-standing towers 

A special chassis was developed to transport as much material as possible using a single lorry and optimise turnaround and installation times and, by extension, energy use. AIO tower sites require neither civil works nor foundations, causing minimal disturbance to the soil underneath, and have a smaller footprint than traditional sites. While it takes three to six months to build a permanent tower, it only takes four hours to erect an AIO tower, which means that considerably less energy is used in the process. Lastly, the use of these towers – which can be erected and dismantled an infinite number of times – considerably reduces the need for more raw materials. 

As a result, the carbon footprint of AIO towers is seven times smaller than that of traditional towers. 

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