An industrial project 92% financed by Energy Savings Certificates

ATM Petfood, specialized in animal food production, has called on Actemium Angers to replace its refrigerating production equipment at its site in Longué-Jumelles. The replacement of this equipment will be an opportunity to implement a heat recovery solution, and thus reduce the energy consumption of the steam boiler.

Thermo Réfrigération complemented this service by providing its expertise on the choice of fluid and the main equipment to be supplied.

The installation of two cooling units turned out to be the most suitable solution in terms of maintainability, energy efficiency and environmental protection. The former fluid will be replaced by a clean HFO (hydrofluoroolefins), which is less hazardous and environmentally friendly. In order to check the proper functioning of the equipment, it will be monitored with energy consumption tracking.

These various improvements made it possible to finance as much as 92% of this project by ESCs (Energy Savings Certificates). ATM Petfood will thus benefit from a very short return on investment, estimated at 2 or 3 years.

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