Baie Mahault becomes a smart city

Xeria and Citeos Ingénierie have been awarded an eight-year Energy Performance Contract (EPC) in the town of Baie-Mahault, in Guadeloupe.

The contract involves remodelling the public lighting network (8,000 LED lights monitored remotely) and installing over 200 connected distribution boards.

It integrates a number of innovations, including a system of motion detectors that adjust the amount of light in real time; a supervision system that oversees solar energy production to power electric vehicle charging points and energy self-sufficient bus shelters; and sensors that detect the fill level in rubbish containers. The town’s technical services can thereby make use of additional information about the public lighting network. Furthermore, residents can receive local information and flag up malfunctions or anti-social behaviour through the Mybmao app.

VINCI Energies has committed to cutting energy consumption in the commune by over 70%.

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