“Hypervision” for an industry giant

Actemium Chimie is managing a digital transformation project at the Jorf Lasfar industrial site for OCP SA.

OCP is a Moroccan-based business that operates both nationally and internationally as the world’s largest exporter of phosphate and phosphate derivatives, as well as one of the world’s largest producers of fertiliser and phosphoric acid. Its Jorf Lasfar industrial site, located near the town of El Jadida, is the largest fertilizer complex in the world.

The OCP JORF control tower project involves building a decision support tool that integrates all data from production units in real time to enable production programme supervision, trouble-shooting and coordination between the various operating and sales entities.

By using IT systems to aggregate and process data, OCP is able to generate dashboards that give an overview of development processes and provide information as to how best optimise energy efficiency or production variables.

The project falls within the digital transformation launched by OCP in 2017.