Reaching out to schools: searching for the talent of the future

VINCI Energies deploys many initiatives for acquainting students with its different business activities.

school relationshipHere are some of the actions carried out by VINCI Energies to help you become better acquainted with the Group:

      • The organisation of apprenticeship days and “challenge internships” (competition for promoting the work carried out by interns)
      • Partnership with social insertion organisations in France in support of young people out of employment (for example with the Ecole de la deuxième chance or l’Epide and with the Groupements d’Employeurs pour l'Insertion et la Qualification)
      • The design of special training programmes in certain business activities.

Campus Managers: connecting the energies of tomorrow

campus manager vinci energiesTo meet you as early as possible, the Group has established close to 400 partnerships around the world with schools, teaching establishments, universities and training centres. Many employees, managers, BU managers, project managers, HR managers, foremen..., who are themselves graduates from these schools, participate in facilitating this network: they are the Campus Managers of the Group.

These Campus Managers also provide support to the teaching staff in these different establishments in developing programmes and accompanying the students. They lecture at seminars or conferences and sit on juries and faculty committees.


Partnership between VINCI Energies and Grenoble INP-Ense3 engineering school

On 25 May 2015, VINCI Energies signed a three-year partnership agreement with Grenoble INP-Ense3 engineering school. As part of the agreement, VINCI Energies will help the new class of students, due to graduate in 2018, to find out more about the business world through a number of dedicated events. The first event took place on 23 September 2015, involving meetings, seminars and discussions between the students and VINCI Energies employees, all held within a “VINCI Energies Village” set up at the school. This was followed by a Creativity Week, during which students were given the opportunity to tackle various industrial challenges on key topics such as social innovation and corporate social responsibility, cities and sustainable mobility, smart energy and water management, conservation of the environment and waste management.


Participating in the lives of engineering students

VINCI Energies is a sponsor of the class of 2015 at EIGSI, the engineering school in La Rochelle, France. The sponsor-employee intervenes within the framework of a hosting system for a class of students. The relationship is also based on the following three components: internships within the Group in exclusivity, conferences and special activities.


Edulab, the teaching laboratory

In the beginning of the 2000s in the Netherlands, VINCI Energies set up Edulab, an educational laboratory dedicated to the automation business in the industrial sector supported by the Actemium brand (link to the Brand page) of the Group. This training and knowledge centre is dedicated to the vocational training of students and to the dissemination among the young and very young of a technical culture in the widest sense of the term. Each year between 200 and 300 pupils and their teachers visit Edulab. Edulab has gained national recognition as a research and training centre and benefits from government subsidies.


Citeos / ESTP Partnership

Since 2008, within the partnership with ESTP, VINCI Energies has hosted first-year engineering students at the VINCI Energies Academy to acquaint them with the activities of the Citeos brand. The students gain practical experience on the platform dedicated to public lighting activities.

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