Starting your career at VINCI Energies

To train young people is to invest in the future while giving them the possibility of discovering the workplace and learning a profession. Providing young people with an internship, apprenticeship training, or a first position is a key component of the human asset policy at VINCI Energies.

jeunes-vinci-energiesVINCI Energies has taken many initiatives in training for young graduates... These initiatives will make it possible for you to become better acquainted with our work methods and to put them into practise while becoming familiar with our culture. This will be an opportunity for you to confirm your potential, and for us to possibly offer you a job opening if the experience is successful.

Dual training and internships: your first steps in the company

In 2015, more than 4000 interns and work-study students were hosted in the VINCI Energies Business Units. They received coaching from a mentor who trained them and helped them make the transition from school to the work place. Joining a dual apprenticeship training programme at VINCI Energies provides you with an opportunity to prepare your degree (vocational training certificate, vocational secondary degree, higher training certificate, Master’s, Engineering degree, etc.) while gaining concrete experience in your future occupation, with the added benefit of possibly transforming the experience into an open-ended work contract.

Young graduates: building and maintaining networks

jeunes-diplomes-vinci-energiesAs a young graduate, in the same way as the other employees at VINCI Energies, you will be able to build and develop your network, thus taking advantage of the opportunities and resources dedicated to the development of your career within VINCI Energies.

You will be able to benefit from a special training programme including experience in the field, visits of our Business Units to become acquainted with the different business lines at VINCI Energies, training programmes at the Academy, and “VINCI Energies'” days...

The objective is to become fully acquainted with the VINCI Energies culture and work methods, to discover the different areas of expertise of our business units and to start to build your own network for developing synergies. You would like to work at VINCI Energies? View our internship, dual training and job offers.