Encouraging cultural and social diversity

We believe diversity is an asset. VINCI has therefore established several action plans to promote social and cultural diversity and ensure equal opportunity.

Our values are an incentive to prevent discrimination in hiring and in day-to-day work relations on the job in our business units. Awareness among managers and staff members is ensured by disseminating good practices.

Recruiting on an objective basis

diversité-6We have significantly increased recruiting channels to foster the diversity of our staff and avoid any "cloning" effect or indirect discrimination at the time of hiring (such as recruitment via simulations with State employment agencies in France, spontaneous job applications, cooptation schemes, temporary employment agencies, internships and apprenticeship agreements, "back to work" programmes, and relations with schools).

So as to keep track of and measure the impact of our social commitments, VINCI calls on outside auditors to perform an annual assessment of our diversity and equal opportunity policies at each and every VINCI Energies Pole.

ViE: "VINCI Insertion Emploi"

"VINCI insertion Emploi" (ViE) is an entity VINCI founded in 2011 with the objective of providing expertise to the Group's business units in order to support persons in rehabilitation to get back to work. ViE assists our business units to fulfil the corporate social responsibility obligations involved in public and private works contracts.


Encouraging young people to find their vocation

To allow young people to discover our business lines and encourage them to find their vocation in life, GT Iris, one of VINCI Energies' business units located in Le Mans is participating in the "Ma caméra chez les pros" film shooting programme in 2014. This is a programme that allows secondary pupils from underprivileged school districts to discover the working world inside companies. Fourth form pupils who are around 14 years old from the Alain Fournier secondary school and who have opted for the "Three-hour Professional Discovery" elective ("DP3") visited GT Iris through the programme and interviewed staff members - ranging from fitters to project managers. They also visited the Jacobins Cultural Centre worksite.


"Capital Filles" programme to invest in young women: introducing our business lines to young women

Several VINCI Energies' business units participate in the "Capital Filles" programme, which is an initiative dedicated to young girls living in underprivileged neighbourhoods and rural areas. Female employees of the Group act as "Big Sisters", together with school teachers to help these young girls discover the working world and business, while providing career counselling and encouraging apprenticeships.
Through this programme, the Cigma and Cegelec France-Comté Alsace Sud business units, among others, committed in 2014 to supporting two female pupils in upper 6th form at the Metz-Nancy Academy and introducing them to scientific, technological and industrial activities.

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