Promoting the integration of staff members with disabilities

Helping persons with disabilities find and keep jobs: an active job entry and retention policy for the employment of persons with disabilities

SébastienVINCI Energies actively promotes the development of expertise of all our employees, regardless of their differences. In the event of an accident or illness preventing an employee from performing his or her job on a day-to-day basis, VINCI Energies also offers solutions when possible to change job positions or provide appropriate work stations. At the same time, we train our staff to assist with the integration of persons with disabilities in the workplace.

VINCI Energies and our business units have made the following commitments:

  • to recruit and integrate workers with disabilities
  • to support employees in their career path
  • to help persons with disabilities retain their jobs
  • to engage in awareness programmes and training for teams
  • to inform and communicate with staff members.

Partnerships to promote the integration of persons with disabilities

VINCI Energies engages in partnerships with specialised agencies and organisations to encourage the integration of persons with disabilities. In France, for example, we call on sheltered workshops and social firms to provide services. We also signed a partnership agreement with APF1 (2006) in order to further develop our possibilities to work with structures that employ disabled persons.

To further support these efforts to integrate persons with disabilities in France, VINCI Energies also entered into a partnership agreement with AGEFIPH. 2.

Our German business unit G+H Industrie Service GmbH (BASF) has established three different plans for professional reintegration. In cooperation with the company's occupational physician, the business unit has adapted work stations and workloads to the needs of staff members with disabilities.


VINCI founded the non-profit organisation Trajeo’h in 2008 so as to better manage the integration of persons with disabilities within the Group. VINCI is committed to supporting job entry and retention of persons with disabilities. Trajeo’h works with VINCI's regional entities to support the redeployment of employees experiencing disabilities and the recruitment of new workers with disabilities.


In 2007, SDEL Contrôle Commande was awarded the Job Integration Trophy after hiring Jeremy Legault, who has a learning disability. Jeremy quickly integrated the business unit and signed a permanent contract in October 2008. Since then, he has been in charge of dismantling electrical devices, and helping with warehouse storage and mail distribution.