Seniors: ensuring job retention to guarantee the transmission of knowledge

Seniors are recognised at VINCI Energies for their know-how and their familiarity with our corporate culture. They exemplify the Group's values and share their experience with new employees.

séniors-emploiTutoring and mentoring programmes (experienced staff working in tandem with young employees) are practiced widely throughout the Group's business units, which actively contributes to passing down knowledge. A specific two-day training session has been set up by the VINCI Energies Academy for employees who would like to act as mentors.



Changing job positions to reduce arduousness at work

Our business units have established action plans designed to reduce the arduousness of work performed by certain employees by encouraging changes in job positions. This makes it possible to prevent the negative impact that repetitive tasks can cause. Making sure that the health of our staff members at any age is not impacted by the tasks involved in their daily jobs is one of VINCI Energies' objectives. For this purpose, we study the best options available to adapt or reorganise employees' work stations.

The German business unit G+H Isolierung Ludwigshafen is engaged in an action plan together with occupational insurance companies. The objective is to identify the main occupational illnesses and determine appropriate preventive action.

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